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Hello Splorers! My name is Alby and I am the co-founder of Splore, where our mission is to spread awareness of fitness and overall wellness, while making healthier lifestyles much more more accessible to the general population. We hope to create even just a tiny shift in perspective so that people start to value delayed gratification and invest in their long-term health. We’ve built this platform as our first step into achieving this goal. Please keep in mind that we are still an early stage startup and this platform is a work-in-progress. Thus, feel free to let me and the rest of the Splore team know if there’s anything we can do differently to make your experience smoother.

I am very grateful that you took the time to read this and even more grateful to know that there are people out there like yourself who resonate with our mission. Again, on behalf of Splore, I thank you for giving us a chance in helping you achieve your own fitness and wellness goals. If you are a subscriber, then you have access to all our live classes for such an affordable price. This is one small step towards making fitness more accessible. To go even further, we need your help in spreading this to your family and friends. Let’s spread awareness and make our country a fit and healthy one!

Alby Litton

President & CEO

Splore Fitness

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