• I want to access Splore subscriptions! Should I sign up here?

    You can definitely sign up here and then purchase the subscription later on through this page: https://www.splorefitness.com/products/splore-unlimited. Or you may purchase your subscription first and then create an account later on, which is our recommended process.

  • I've already created an account with Splore. Would I need to create another one through this portal?

    Yes! This portal would lead you to your subscriptions account. This account will give you access to your dashboard and all the other fun things your subscription has in store for you!

  • I need help navigating my account. Who do I talk to?

    Help is on the way! Just let us know what your concerns are by sending us an email at franz@splorefitness.com or you can send us a message on our pages Instagram or Facebook @splorefitness.